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Data and Analytics to Boost Yields and Profits

Minimize Loss, Maximize Profit

Too often in agriculture, a one-size-fits-all approach of applying uniform amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides is standard procedure even though it isn’t reliably effective. Now Ag businesses can tailor crop management decisions by using modern precision agriculture techniques – scientifically-proven approaches that analyze remotely sensed data such as satellite and UAV imagery. Whether it’s data or analytics, Harris Geospatial Solutions is your source to maximize yields and boost profits.

One Destination. One Tool. Many Answers.

Highland Hub is a new farm management tool powered by ENVI analytics. Subscribe to Highland Hub and get rapid and reliable access to image collection, lab services, regulatory tracking, and food safety logging, along with state-of-the-art field and plant-specific analytics for better crop management and yield. This tool seamlessly organizes massive amounts of farm data – past and present – in one place, in a hosted environment accessible with any internet browser. Highland Hub represents the evolution of Precision Agriculture solutions by providing the grower with a complete dashboard of critical farm information at any time. 

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Analytics for Better Crop Management

Harris Geospatial has a legacy of building cutting-edge analytics to solve a variety of problems. We’ve used that experience to create the ENVI® Precision Ag Toolkit which utilizes the spectral information within imagery to provide extensive crop health information. The best part is, this toolkit is designed to be used by anyone – regardless of prior experience with remote sensing techniques. Let ENVI analytics power your Ag business!

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Get More Insights from UAV and Aerial Data

Drones, or UAVs, can be an excellent and cost effective way to scout and gather data on fields. The tricky part can be transforming all of that data into an orthomosaic while maintaining the important spectral data within the raw images. Our ENVI® OneButton™ solution maintains the spectral integrity of your data and quickly and easily orthorectifies and preprocesses UAV and aerial imagery so you can make better field-level decisions.

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