IDL Medical Solutions

Medical imaging technology for reading and writing DICOM files and advanced network access.

IDL DICOM Solutions

As a medical imaging professional, DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) provides a standardized data management approach for today's medical imaging workflow, where images and data can be exchanged across hospitals or clinics, or around the world in a consistent manner.

IDL offers an off-the-shelf solution that not only supports medical standards, but that also meets your medical image analysis and software development needs. IDL offers everything you need for medical image visualization and analysis - a dynamic programming environment for application development, high-end image processing functionality, and robust, DICOM specific modules that integrate seamlessly with your current workflow.

With two add-on modules available to suit your needs - the IDL DICOM Toolkit and the IDL DICOM Network Services Module - IDL is your DICOM solution. So, whether you need to simply read and write DICOM files, or you need to add advanced network access, IDL gives you the functionality you need.

IDL has played an integral part in medical imaging technology, beginning with analysis and visualization solutions for some of the first imaging modalities, and continuing with advancements today. Sophisticated software solutions developed with IDL are packaged with leading medical imaging instruments, including PET, CT, ultrasound, and MRI. Programming flexibility and advanced visualization and analysis capabilities have allowed IDL to play an integral role in medical research advances by the world's foremost laboratories and hospitals.


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