We provide a variety of off-the-shelf data products and a range of services to produce custom data-derived products to meet project needs. Our capabilities range from basic mosaicking, to expert photogrammetry services, to creating advanced visualization and simulation (VIS/SIM) products, and anything in between.

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Creating a custom 3D visualization with ENVI and IDL.

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Contour Creation

Using stereo pair imagery and ground control survey points, we can create elevation models including DSMs, DTMs, and contours with up to 1 meter spacing. DSMs or first surface models can be created at a 1 meter post spacing elevation grid. DTMs or bare earth models can also be created resulting in a 5 meter grid spacing. From these elevation models, either you can generate contour data or we can. The result of this proprietary, customized process is the highest quality, remotely-created terrain data possible.

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Expert Photogrammetry Services

When more detail than 1 to 5 meter resolution is required, our photogrammetry team can create elevation models to meet specific project needs. Assigned project managers assist in selecting ground control points, defining area boundaries, adding break lines for roads, pipelines, cliffs, and monitoring other details that need to be addressed — every step of the way.

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Custom Feature Extraction

We can extract features from imagery and format them into a CAD-type file when needed. From individual home and building outlines, to bushes, bunkers, and fairways on a golf course, or trees and fences in developed areas — we can extract and deliver fully attributed vector features that perfectly overlay the imagery itself.

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Elevation Data Clip & Ship

Need elevation data in hurry? The Marketplace offers a wide range of elevation models that are available within a single business day for nearly anywhere on Earth. Both DSMs and DTMs are available in a variety of file formats.

Harris Geospatial is a leading provider for a wide range of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) that cover every extent of the globe. Both digital surface models (DSMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs) are available at a variety of resolutions.

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A large variety of digital vector maps are available that include vector line, polygon, and point data sets for all areas of the world. These include U.S. Land Use / Land Clutter data, DeLorme Street Data, the U.S. Census Bureau TIGER data, USGS quad-derived line work, major world linear and point features, as well as access to detailed international city mapping.

Digital Street Maps

Find the most up-to-date digital U.S. and international street maps that are highly accurate with exceptional detail including attributed streets, water, zip codes, government boundaries, and points of interest.


Energy Data Sets

Energy data sets for both renewable and traditional sources in the U.S. are available for immediate download. Data is available for solar and wind, crude oil data, electricity transmission, ethanol, biomass, geothermal, and landfill information.



Harris’ TrueTerrain™ products are a suite of highly accurate digital datasets used to create the world’s most complex visual simulation databases that serve today’s most demanding applications. The multilayer geospatial stack includes imagery, elevation data, extracted vectors and features, 3D urban models, and multispectral material classified maps. All of these data layers are precisely correlated and registered with the necessary accuracy and resolution to meet a variety of demanding requirements.


TrueTerrain Imagery
Imagery is created using Harris’ proprietary technology which merges and mosaics multisource, multiresolution satellite and aerial imagery—from 5 centimeters to 100 meters—with digital elevation data.

Feature/Vector Data
Harris provides a set of custom vector products extracted from project specific imagery, maps, or from archived imagery.

Material Classified Maps
Accurate and detailed datasets are created by using all available spectral bands of image data along with determining the two dominant materials and the relative abundance of each material for each pixel in the dataset.

3D Urban Models
Building models are the industry standard, providing both high levels of detail and accuracy, and are available as high fidelity, photo realistic, textured 3D urban models or as 3D polygon files.

Elevation Data
Using a proprietary process developed by Harris, DTMs and DSMs are available from LiDAR or derived from project specific imagery or from archive.

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The Geospatial Marketplace provides professional mapping services from simple image orthorectification to correct terrain displacement to more sophisticated feather blending of imagery to increase the quality and rendering of the terrain in visual simulation environments. Our experts routinely balance the color band and tones of satellite imagery, patch areas that contain clouds with other imagery of the same area, and mosaic multiple sources of imagery together to provide complete or customized coverage of an area.

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