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4 Replies and 191 Views user defined projections in ENVI 5.4/IDL 8.6  191  4 Started by  Frank Morgan I have user defined objects in three files - datum.txt, geogcs.txt, and spheroid.txt - that I've put in envi54/idl86/resource/pedata/user_defined and IDL 8.6/ENVI 5.4 do no see them. They don't show up with map_pe_get_option_table, and are they're not available when I try to do projections. These same files worked when placed in similar directories in IDL 8.4-8.5 and ENVI 5.2-5.3. Did the mechanism for user defining objects change Frank
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by  Frank MorganJump to last post
23 Jun 2017 10:52 AM
3 Replies and 53 Views Can I perform FLAASH correction on airborne SASI hyperspectral images  53  3 Started by  gou sheng Hi, I have collected airborne hyperspectral SASI images (950 nm ~ 2450nm), and want to convert the raidance to reflectence by performing FLAASH. However, when I perform FLAASH atmosphere correction module in ENVI, it shows the following error 'ACC_AVHEAD: Error -- some channels found outside 100 to 30000 cm-1'. So I want to know can I use FLAASH module to perform an atmospheric correction on SASI images If I cannot directly perform, can I 'join' CASI and SASI spectra and choose the sensor type ...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
23 Jun 2017 06:04 AM
2 Replies and 94 Views Writing ENVI Raster from ENVI Task  94  2 Started by  jareds1 Hi all, I'm trying to write a foreach loop to convert all bands in an existing ENVI Raster into output PNGs. When I run the following loop: 'foreach i, bandGet do begin Subset = ENVISubsetRaster(raster, bands=&91;i&93;) print, (baseName bNames&91;i&93;) ; Creating the PNG routine from ENVI Docs Task = ENVITask('ExportRasterToPNG') Task.INPUT_RASTER = Subset Task.OUTPUT_RASTER_URI = (baseName bNames&91;i&93;) Task.Execute Task.output_raster ...
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by  jareds1Jump to last post
12 Jun 2017 03:25 PM
3 Replies and 142 Views background pixels in classification  142  3 Started by  AYSIN KUZUCU Hi, I want to classify SPOT 7 multispectral image in ENVI 5.1. After I created subset image of my study area using ROI, background data (the pixel values outside of the ROI data) occurred. Background data has zero pixel value. In order to mask background pixels, I created ROI from band thresholds and chose thresholds parameters for all bands as min value=0; max values=0 and then saved ROI to .xml. I selected the subset image as classification input file. I imported "mask ROIs xml"...
3 142
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
12 Jun 2017 08:51 AM
1 Replies and 24 Views Atmospheric correction in ENVI, export to ERDAS  24  1 Started by  Matt Spencer I am working on a project using Hyperspectral imagery and have ERDAS Imagine on my home PC and have access to ENVI on another PC at University. Is it possible, for example, to perform the atmospheric correction in ENVI, then import it into ERDAS, and then perform Principal Component Analysis, Minimum Noise Transformation (MNF), supervised classification etc The file is a .l1r file from EO-1 Hyperion downloaded from GloVis. I read here (
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
12 Jun 2017 05:46 AM
1 Replies and 133 Views Deep Learning  133  1 Started by  Lorenzo Bernardi Hi all, i am looking for a deep learning classification solutions in order to extract features and classification from VHR (0.50 and 0.30 meters) multispectral images. Can someone suggest a link to IDL/ENVI based solutions for deel learning Thank, Lorenzo
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
01 Jun 2017 11:47 AM
1 Replies and 46 Views error matrix for unsupervised classification  46  1 Started by  khaled zerroug Hi, I work on a diachronic map of vegetation, I use RGB NDVI technique , this technique is based on the use of three ndvi taken in three different dates to quantify the change of the green biomass through the three dates (in my case : 1984, 2001, 2011), In this technique a non-supervised classification was used to quantify the changes. Currently, I find a problem to produce the matrix of confusion, When I read in the literature authors says that the matrix of confusion is done on the basis of ...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
01 Jun 2017 11:40 AM
4 Replies and 212 Views FLAASH Error while Processing GeoEye-1 Image  212  4 Started by  Katie Corcoran While running FLAASH on a 4-band GeoEye-1 image, I receive the following error: 'Problem: The FLAASH program exited with the following errors: ACC error: avrd: IDL error: Illegal subscript range: FIMAGE. ACC_AVRD <( 9)> ACC_HYPER2 <( 524)> ACC_ACC <( 191)> ENVI_ACC_EVENT <(3179)> ENVI_FLAASH_PROCESS_MANAGER <( 581)> $MAIN$ <( 0)>' FLAASH is running properly on 8-band WorldView-2 images. What might be causing this error
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by  Katie CorcoranJump to last post
19 May 2017 07:17 AM
4 Replies and 119 Views Linear 2 Stretch for color display  119  4 Started by  Dulci Avouris Hello! I am wondering if the linear stretch function has changed between ENVI 5.3.1 and 5.4. The exact same image is displayed differently using the default 2 linear stretch. I think the calculation of the 2 & 98 edges of the histogram is not correct in 5.4. Is this a known issue When I use the histogram stretch tool in 5.4 the 2 linear stretch edge lines are actually at something like 6-7 & 99.98. I can manually move those lines to the correct positions (2, 98) and match the color dis...
4 119
by  Dulci AvourisJump to last post
17 May 2017 12:00 PM
1 Replies and 74 Views ENVI classic interface on Linux  74  1 Started by  Lorenzo Busetto Hi all, I was wondering if there is any way to change/improve the 'appearance' of the ENVI classic GUI on Linux. Not a big deal, but it is a bit old-style and ugly, and the file browser is really cumbersome to use (at least on my system - KUBUNTU 16.10 - unfortunately I cannot post an image to show that). It's not a big deal, but I'd appreciate any suggestions. regards, Lorenzo
1 74
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
17 May 2017 09:20 AM
1 Replies and 78 Views Using Toolbox Tools Via Command Line  78  1 Started by  Brandon Tran Is it possible to run the toolbox tools through a command line I am interested in using the 'Photographic Stretch' tool on serveral GeoTiff image products. I would like to write a shell or python script that would be able to execute a command to call the 'Photographic Stretch' tool on these images. Thank you.
1 78
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
16 May 2017 12:00 PM
5 Replies and 257 Views How can I open Sentinel 2A image using ENVI 5.3  257  5 Started by  Mathilde Marchandon Hello, I have downloaded Sentinel data from the scihub.copernicus website and I would like to open the ortho image with ENVI 5.3. In File>Open external file, I don't have the Sentinal-2A menu option. I can open the jpeg2000 file located in the "granule" directory from the File>Open image file menu option but it opens the image without any georeferencing. How can I open the image with the georeferencing Thank you in advance for your help.
5 257
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
16 May 2017 11:19 AM
0 Replies and 185 Views ENVI Crop Science 1.0 release  185  0 Started by  Scott Paswaters I am excited to announce that ENVI Crop Science 1.0 is now available. This new product provides remote sensing analytics for precision agriculture and agronomy. It is designed to work with satellite, aerial, and UAV imagery in both a desktop and enterprise environment. Functionality includes: crop counting, crop metrics (crop health), and hotspot analysis. For more information please visit Please contact yo...
0 185
12 May 2017 02:10 PM
1 Replies and 107 Views ENVIPointCloudViewer not supported on linux  107  1 Started by  John Meyer Hello, I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and ENVI 5.4. I installed ENVI yesterday. I tried to open a .las file and I get an error 'ENVIPointCloudViewer not supported on linux' Additionally, I am unable to copy a file path (or anything) into the directory path window at the open file GUI - not sure if that is a bug or if that is the excepted functionality. Thanks for any help. John
1 107
by  Jason WolfeJump to last post
09 May 2017 07:21 AM
2 Replies and 149 Views ASTER L1T FLAASH Error  149  2 Started by  Praveen Kumar Hi, FLAASH module is throwing error, when I want to do atmospheric correction on VNIR and SWIR bands of ASTER L1T . The error is 'Input image has more bands (9) than expected for the selected sensor (14). Please check the sensor type or set to UNKNOWN-MSI if using a custom filter function'. What can be the cause for the error Thanks.
2 149
by  Praveen KumarJump to last post
02 May 2017 11:57 PM
6 Replies and 249 Views FLAASH  249  6 Started by  Shuangyan He When I tried to using ENVI FLAASH to do the atmospheric correction for MISR data over water, it reminded me to input the 'filter Function File' in Multispectral Settings. After I input the sensor spectral response file, it reminded me the error of 'Attempt to subscript FF_WL with is out of range'. Is this because the MISR sensor has limited bands, as it only has four bands of 446, 558, 672 and 866nm Thanks!
6 249
by  Shuangyan HeJump to last post
01 May 2017 10:24 AM
1 Replies and 121 Views Help Intalling ENVI 5.3  121  1 Started by  adams kpewa Hello All, Can someone help me with steps to install ENVI 5.3 on a Linux ( red hat 6.x ) virtual machine( command line) please . I have Extracted the tar file but I can see so many files and I have no idea which ones I should copy to my server and start the installation. Thanks in advance
1 121
by  John MeyerJump to last post
29 Apr 2017 10:19 AM
10 Replies and 94 Views ENVI Crashes on Linux  94  10 Started by  Rowan Gaffney Hello, I am running ENVI and IDL on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. At first it was working fine, but now it keeps crashing all the time. This is the error I get: A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007f98ea5e7d8b, pid=3863, tid=140296014931712 JRE version: 7.0_25-b15 Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (23.25-b01 mixed mode linux-amd64 compressed oops) Problematic frame: C &91i965_dri.so0x20ad8b&93 _init0x1bf86b...
10 94
by  John MeyerJump to last post
29 Apr 2017 10:01 AM
1 Replies and 155 Views Intrepretation of MNF eigenvector matrix  155  1 Started by  Rami Piiroinen Hi all, I performed minimum noise fraction transformation on a hyperspectral image with 129 bands. This produces 129 new bands, as it should. Okay, then I get the eigenvalues that I can use to interpret which bands contain information and which bands contain noise. Now I need to understand which bands constituted most to each new MNF band. To my understanding we need to look at the eigenvector matrix to see the 'loading' from each original band. But, which way should we look at the matrix...
1 155
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
26 Apr 2017 02:12 PM
0 Replies and 135 Views Convert radiance to reflectance  135  0 Started by  Katie I'm working on a project using hyperspectral data collected in a greenhouse. The data is in radiance (mW/m^2*2str*nm) and I'm trying to convert this to reflectance. We did take images of the calibration board before collecting the data. This white and dark calibration board is in the first image but none of the subsequent images. What would be the simplest way to convert the data to reflectance (I don't have the license for FLAASH.)
0 135
25 Apr 2017 10:37 AM
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