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0 Replies and 35 Views Question about IDL Legend  35  0 Started by  David Starbuck Question from customer: Is there any way to mix a line and a single symbol in a legend You can reduce the number of symbol by setting the SAMPLE_WIDTH to zero, but then the line will disappear. Possible Answer: Unfortunately, I think the only way to reduce the number of symbols is by adjusting the SAMPLE_WIDTH. You can then use the POLYLINE routine to manually draw the line onto the legend: IDL> theory = SIN(2.0*FINDGEN(201)*!PI/25.0)*EXP(-0.02*FINDGEN(201)) ...
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25 Apr 2017 03:10 PM
0 Replies and 26 Views Pressing down button doesn&39;t generate events  26  0 Started by  David Starbuck Question from user: I am displaying a group of buttons with CW_BGROUP. I print out events when they happen. I don't see any event when I press the button but I see one when I release it. I do not have the /norelease argument because I want to see the release event as well. I would like to see the event that occurs (if it occurs) when the button is pressed. Possible answer: Use the PUSHBUTTON_EVENTS keyword. An example is shown below: pro dj_cas_19437_l1k4p5_event, event COMPILE_OPT idl...
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06 Apr 2017 03:34 PM
1 Replies and 18 Views Polar 3D  18  1 Started by  Alexandra Schneider Can IDL do a 3d plot in polar coordinates Or do I need to convert to cartesian coordinates first
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06 Apr 2017 01:23 PM
1 Replies and 22 Views Strange error with idlpy  22  1 Started by  Lorenzo Bernardi Hi all, here the strange error. I premise: two days ago i had no problem with my code. Traceback (most recent call last): File "G:/SVN EO/Simona/illegal_building_detection/Versione2/core/", line 5, in from idlcodes import * File "G:\SVN EO\Simona\illegal_building_detection\Versione2\core\", line 1, in from idlpy import IDL File "C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI54\IDL86\lib\bridges\", line 318, in class IDL(IDLTyp...
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03 Apr 2017 09:27 AM
1 Replies and 58 Views Write_tiff multiband image  58  1 Started by  Kevan Freeland Hey all, I am a student learning IDL and am seeking help in creating a multiband image from 11 .tiff files. I am trying to create a time sequence NDVI file that has each different NDVI time as a separate layer. I am having trouble building a code in IDL to make this happen. I've been through the IDL help page for Write_tiff and have not been able to successfully construct a set of code to do what I want. So I need to pull 11 images from a folder and combine them into one mu...
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24 Mar 2017 11:30 AM
0 Replies and 17 Views idlpy management  17  0 Started by  Lorenzo Bernardi Hi all, i have a python script that calls and executes some python function making idl processes following the'instruction') syntax. More in detail, i have a set of function making "radiometric correction", "pansharpening" "layer stacking", and so on. I make the import of idlpy module ad the begin of my file. The problem is that license remains busy throughout the execution duration. I try also to make the import only from the function. There is a way to im...
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14 Mar 2017 07:52 AM
2 Replies and 15 Views Can&39;t standardize COLORBAR across multiple VECTOR maps  15  2 Started by  PatDC I'm creating wind maps using the MAP, VECTOR, and COLORBAR and LEGEND functions, and I'm using them to build wind animations. THE PROBLEM: I cannot standardize the color bar and sample vector length across multiple wind maps. EXAMPLE-MAP-1 EXAMPLE-MAP-2 I'm using the TARGET option with COLORBAR to set the range: cbar = COLORBAR(TARGET=wind_vectors, blah) ... so, I cannot use the RANGE=&91min,max&93 option with COLORBAR. Also, the LEGEND sample vector change size from map to map. I'm u...
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11 Mar 2017 06:53 AM
1 Replies and 16 Views Raster subset  16  1 Started by  Siham Benzouai Hello, I have to subset a set of images with the same extentions (coordinates). So, I used the script below which I found on the help. The execution halted at the last instruction with this error message : "Keyword SPATIALREF not allowed in call to: ENVIRASTER::SUBSET". Could you help me to overcome this error Thank you. The script: Raster = e.OpenRaster(File) ; This is the area of interest: UpperLeftLat = 35.1 UpperLeftLon = -112.1 LowerRightLat = 34.7 LowerRig...
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09 Mar 2017 06:02 AM
0 Replies and 14 Views the Solution of the equation  14  0 Started by  wenkai li My newtfunc contain the varion and unknown solution,but the newton method in IDL just allow given initially solution of the equation. How to get the the Solution of the equation Thanks Pro TSM_lixiaModel ; !Except=0 Compile_opt idl2 e=Envi(/headless) starttime = Systime(/second) dir='I:\lwkDATA\waterRegion\MODIS\' files=file_search(dir,'*RC.tif',count=num) for i=0,num-1 do begin file=files&...
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01 Mar 2017 12:32 AM
5 Replies and 17 Views array memory allocation  17  5 Started by  Ben Felzer I am reading from a netcdf file with 97 arrays of size (1165,720,1440), reading each array using ncdf_varget. Because of memory allocation problems, I started using delvar to erase the arrays after finished using them - ultimately creating 19 new arrays of the same size from the original arrays (by adding some of them together). Yet am still getting the error Unable to allocate memory: to make array. Cannot allocate memory. When I test delvar and try to print out one of the deleted arrays, th...
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28 Feb 2017 08:28 AM
2 Replies and 13 Views Georeference Meris image with IDL  13  2 Started by  Siham Benzouai Hi, I have to write an IDL script to automatise the processing of Meris images. One of the first step is the georeferencement. In ENVI, it's done by typing this commands : Geometric correction>Georeference by sensor>Georeference Meris. But, I don't find the equivalent instructions in IDL. Does someone have an idea Thank you.
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25 Feb 2017 07:51 AM
4 Replies and 14 Views rebin  14  4 Started by  Ben Felzer I am rebinning from a 0.25 degree lon/lat grid (1440 x 720) to a half degree (720 x 360), using vu_regrid = rebin(vu,720,360,1165, /SAMPLE). In the original, bad (i.e. ocean) values are indicated by 1e20. After rebinning, these values are 2e20. It's supposed to be averaging them - why is it doubling those large values Hard to tell what it's doing with the other values, but just doing quick sum, seems to be ok as the sum is about 4 times less than summing the higher resolution grid.
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24 Feb 2017 09:08 AM
1 Replies and 13 Views warp with tie points  13  1 Started by  Vassa Pupkunder Need to warp AWHRR files so that the resulting grid mesh cells borders coincide for all the scenes. I'm using the following code for warping (in cycle for every file): ; setting projection units = envi_proj_units_translate('Degrees') proj = envi_proj_create(/geographic, unit=units) ENVI_DOIT, 'ENVI_AVHRR_WARP_DOIT', AVHRR_FID=fidin, $ DIMS=dims, FID=fidcal, /IN_MEMORY, BACKGROUND=nodata, $ METHOD=8, OUT_BNAME=&910,1,2,3,4&93, POS=pos, $ PIXEL_SIZE=&910.02, 0.02&93, grid=...
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23 Feb 2017 04:07 PM
0 Replies and 13 Views Only able to store a few days of command history  13  0 Started by  David Starbuck Question: An IDL user is running into an issue in which he cannot store more than a few days worth of command history in the IDL workbench. He would like to store much more. Possible answer: You can increase the amount of history being stored by going to Preferences > IDL, and then changing "History size (Lines)" to a bigger number.
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23 Feb 2017 01:50 PM
14 Replies and 13 Views Removing pixels w/ a value < ... from total histogram pixel count  13  14 Started by  Allisyn Hudson Dunn Hello, In a semi-simplified form here is my question: Currently a portion of my .pro that outputs the final required value uses the ENVI_STATS_DOIT function to create a histogram of a single band image and then calculates the percent of pixels that fall within the two categories (pixels that meet a condition, pixels that do not) by using hist&911&93/total(hist)*100. Up until not, it worked great and allowed me to determine what percentage of the image was represented by "1's" (oth...
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17 Feb 2017 01:42 PM
4 Replies and 17 Views Contour: difference between IDL 8.0 and IDL 8.4  17  4 Started by  Stefano Bianchi Ciao, I've upgraded from IDL 8.0 to IDL 8.4, and found a strange difference in the behaviour of CONTOUR. Here's a simple test: data = RANDOMU(seed, 9, 9) smooth = CONTOUR(MIN_CURVE_SURF(data), TITLE='Smoothed', RGB_TABLE=1, /FILL, c_value=&910, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5&93) If you launch it in IDL 8.0, you get what you (more or less) expect: three filled contours, while the outer part is the white transparent background. I need to include the '0' level, otherwise the inner contour is...
4 17
16 Feb 2017 06:32 AM
1 Replies and 12 Views write a binary file  12  1 Started by  Marco Dipp dear all I have a density file ( array file) with x-dimension=300 and y-demnsion=240, density=array &91300,240&93. i want to write it as a binary file with the double precesion format. i used the following commands: openw, lun, 'density.dat', /get_lun writeu, lun, density close, lun but the problem is that if I open the binary file with the MATLAB the dimension of the density, now, is density=array &916,12000&93. I know I have to do some manipulation for writing the binary file to k...
1 12
14 Feb 2017 09:08 AM
2 Replies and 17 Views Spectral Math  17  2 Started by  Paul Manley Hello, Is spectral math possible in IDL If so, how I need to divide hyperspectral images by a white reference. Thanks!
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10 Feb 2017 10:47 AM
2 Replies and 16 Views Metadata update  16  2 Started by  niedziellak Is it possible to update metadata of a raster file without exporting I would like to change band names and save the raster without creating new file by ENVIRaster::Export. After using the ENVIRasterMetadata::UpdateItem I cannot just save the raster with ENVIRaster::Save It says: Raster is open for read. Please use Export Raster to save.
2 16
08 Feb 2017 02:59 AM
2 Replies and 14 Views Patterns and EPS output  14  2 Started by  Brice Boclet Hello everyone, I can't get IDL (8.5.1) to output any figure containing patterns correctly. To illustrate my problem, we can use the code from the polygon manual page : IDL Polygon data = RANDOMU(s,51)*15-5 upper = data RANDOMU(s,51)*2 6 bottom = data - RANDOMU(s,51)*3 - 7 year = INDGEN(51) 1950 p = PLOT(year, data, XRANGE=&911950,2000&93, YRANGE=&91-15,20&93, $ YTITLE='Soil Heat Accumulation &91MJ m$^{-2}$&93', THICK=2) poly = POLYGON(&91year,reverse(year)&93, &91upper,reve...
2 14
07 Feb 2017 08:19 AM
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