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How to get the Device ID using IDL 8.6

Discussion: In previous versions of IDL, users could use the LMGR function's LMHOSTID keyword to get the Device ID of the system on which it was running. This keyword is not available in IDL...Read More >

ENVI 5.4 / IDL 8.6 Quick Start Install and Licensing Guide


Below is a quick start guide to follow to download and activate your ENVI 5.4 and/or IDL 8.6 software once... more »

New Licensing FAQ


This Help article groups the FAQ related to our new Download & Licensing system starting... more »

How to Obtain the Host Name and Host...

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FLEXnet error -97,xxx: The desired...

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Licensing & Installation Frequently...

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License installation instructions...

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The IDL Virtual Machine

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